Started in 2003, Sri Vigneshwara Enterprises quickly became a trusted name in metal fabrication business. With extensive experience in the fabrication domain, we added Water Jet Cutting capability in 2009 to address our customers' needs. Encouraged by the success of Water Jet Cutting service, and responding to our customers' demand for quality Laser Cutting service at a competitive price, we added Laser Cutting to our bouquet of services in 2012. Leveraging this decade long, stellar growth story, we intend to build long-lasting relationships with our customers.

We have qualified and dedicated staff to assist in every step of the way starting from design and quotation to cutting, fabrication, and assembly. Our designers and technicians are trained extensively by machine manufacturers and are equipped to help our customers optimally. With the average experience of our staff, at SVE, exceeding 5 years, we have one of the most experienced team in this industry. Some of our team members have been with us since the beginning. This has resulted in our thorough understanding of the industry standards and regulations, and has helped us meet our customers' requirements in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Majority of our business comes from repeat customers, a testament to our excellent service.

While our expertise lies in Laser Cutting, Water Jet Cutting, and Metal Fabrication, we regularly provide our customers design and advisory services as well. We engage our customers throughout the process and consider ourselves as trusted partners of our customers. Some of our customers have been with us since our inception and have a valuable professional relationship with our staff. We take it upon ourselves to find the best suitable solutions for our customers' exacting demands. We recognize that satisfied customers are imperative to our success.

Founding Principal:

Mr. J. S. Babu, the founding principal has over two decades of experience in this industry. He is a well-known and well liked person with professional network spanning entire Bangalore. With his pleasing personality and his dedication to quality service, Mr. Babu has led by example instilling the same sense of quality consciousness and customer service in the entire team.


Amada Laser Cutting Machine:

FOMII Series, a Flying Optics Laser Cutting machine made exclusively by Amada, represents the next evolutionary step in Laser Cutting. Not only is the base machine fast in its own right, but the optional twin direct carriage system also boosts productivity to unprecedented levels. Coupled with its high rigidity, the vibration absorbent cast frame ensures precise accuracy even during high-speed cutting.

With consistent cutting over the entire work surface, the highly functional design of this Laser Cutting machine incorporates all the latest technology developments in one machine. The rugged flying optic design and other enabling options make this revolutionary design the natural choice for all fabrication needs.

Dardi Water Jet Cutting Machine:

Dardi Series with ultra-high pressure pump system enables adjustment of thickness and cutting speed, resulting in efficient cutting. Water Jet machine uses cold supersonic abrasive erosion that helps cut any material, both metals and nonmetals. The highly pressurized water stream, which is forced through a tiny area, carries abrasive garnet to erode away the material being cut and renders the finished product accurate.