Welcome To Sri Vigneshwara Enterprises

Experts in Laser Cutting, Water Jet Cutting, Metal Fabrication.
With over 10 years of experience in exceeding client expectations by providing dependable service in Aluminum and Stainless Steel fabrication, and Water Jet Cutting, we are now offering Laser Cutting services using state of the art Amada machine, imported from Japan.

We identified the increasing demand for Laser Cutting services by our existing customers as well as by new customers. In order to provide comprehensive services under one roof, we have added a Laser Cutting machine, which will compliment our fabrication and Water Jet Cutting services.

We strive to become the one stop shop for all your design and fabrication needs. We promise to maintain the quality of service that we have come to be known for over the years. Furthermore, we are conveniently located in the heart of the city in Rajajinagar Industrial Area. Please consider us for all your Laser Cutting and fabrication needs.

Computer controlled laser cutters or engravers are safer than more traditional sharp edge cutting instruments such as knives, hacksaws and drills.
We offer a tolerance of ± 0.2mm on most parts abrasively cut and ±0.1mm on most parts pure water jet cut.
We question accepted methods in order to access improved processes and technologies.
Shapes can be easily cut using water-cooled diamond slitting blades.


Water Jet Cutting

How do waterjets work?

The choice of whether to use waterjet cutting or laser cutting for your next cutting job depends entirely on what your specifications are. Because fixed tooling and fixturing are generally not required in Either cutting process set up costs are minimal for both.

Metal Cutting


Waterjet cutting inherently is an environmentally friendly process. Unlike traditional mechanical cutting systems, waterjet cutting requires no cooling or lubricating oils. This means there are no chemically contaminated chips or waste chemicals to dispose of.

Ceramic Cutting

Advantages of Waterjets

An important benefit of the water jet is the ability to cut material without interfering with its inherent structure, as there is no "heat-affected zone" (HAZ). Minimizing the effects of heat allows metals to be cut without harming or changing intrinsic properties and no deformation caused.

Glass Cutting

Other Services

Sri Vigneshwara Enterprises Waterjets are also able to offer additional services both in-house and through trusted sub-contractors. In house we are able to offer a Folding service using our 2013 Amada HFE M2 3 meter 100 Tonne Press Brake.